Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Number 1 Maze - Optical Illusions Maze Numbers

Number 1 Maze
This optical illusion maze is of the very first number that is in the sequence with counting in real numbers. In many ways, the number 1 is also used as a metaphor to for a variety of symbolisms including that of the individual, that of unity, such as nation or team unity. The person who is in first place, thereby being the best person at that thing (at least amongst his/her peers). Here we see the number 1 used as the defining pattern of the optical illusion maze. There are more number mazes on the way, but try to solve all of them, no skipping to the larger number! Ok, I guess you can skip if you really want to. No use in me trying to control what you do on the internet.

Aside from the obvious reasons for the number one to be a significant number, it is also a number that when put into a repeating sequence appears as a picket fence.

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Multiple choice fun fact:

Which of these numbers most looks like a picket fence:

  1. 230055
  2. 904110
  3. 1111111
  4. 34098-
  5. 7
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Solution to the previous maze, the Happy New Years Maze is below

Maze solution to happy new years maze:

The multiple choice fun fact questions: If you laughed when you saw the 111111 , then that indicates you have an above average IQ. If you made any active effort to solve it, well, then you are a hard worker.
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